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Monday, 1 January 2018


I won't lie, I'm beyond happy that 2017 has come to an end. This year I have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions and encountered a lot of heartache, and as a result I feel like nothing great has actually come out of this year. I don't want to have a moan on my blog as I know it's not nice to read and we all want to end the year on a good note. But I won't hide my feelings on here, on my little space that actually does make me happy no matter what and as much as I would love to share with you all the amazing things that happened to me this year, those things don't exist.

I remember writing this exact same type of post this time last year, listing a whole bunch of things I had accomplished and was so proud of myself by the end of the year, I published that post with a smile and a whole list of goals ahead of me and here I am struggling to tell you about I've done this year.

On a brighter note, there are a few small achievements that I am proud of myself for, but nothing huge or exciting like I've seen tons of other bloggers talking about. I got a job! Working in retail certainly hasn't been a dream of mine, nor will I be in it for much longer as it just isn't for me, but for now its getting me by with a bit of extra money to help me out with my blog and building a career for myself. I also finished college! I passed my course with a distinction star, which is something I'm pretty chuffed about, since I had a hard time getting through the rest of it during the end of my course and was in a major panic about not finishing in time. I also started an online diet & nutrition course which I am loving. After finishing my last course, looking for another college to go to after that wasn't an option for me, I found that everywhere was the same and I wouldn't get what I wanted out of it. but now I am happy with how my course is going and am super excited to (hopefully!) pass at the end of the year and get a qualification in diet & nutrition.

In May, I lost my Grandad, he was one of the most important people in my life and the heartache I still feel after seven months is still so painful. he should still be here, and I still cannot process the night I lost him. I know he's watching over me right now though and I want to step into 2018 with a list of goals I want to achieve and I know he will be proud of me no matter what.

MY 2018 GOALS:
- Push myself really hard with my blog by posting more, meeting more people, working with brands and making it the best it can be.
- Start saving money for my Disneyworld trip with my boyfriend at the end of the year.
- Learn new photography skills and editing tips.
- Pass my current online course.
- Go on more adventures and document them more.
- Take more photos, but still continue to live in the moment.
- Step up my fitness game by working out at least 5 times a week.
- Wear whatever the hell I want.
- See more musicals, I've seen The Lion King and Evita this year and they were incredible, but I'm seeing Hamilton on the 11th of Jan and I'm so excited!

Although these goals aren't huge, I don't want to set goals I won't end up completing, otherwise they'd be pointless setting them. So although I want to push myself, I want to keep them realistic.

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- A cosy night in with Netflix and treats.

I hope you all had the most amazing 2017, and I hope 2018 brings you nothing but joy and a whole lotta love. Strive towards your goals and don't let anyone stop you from creating your own happiness. you got this.

What are your goals for 2018?

Saturday, 16 December 2017


Since we are only nine days away from Christmas (ahh!) I thought it would be a perfect time to share my absolute favourite Christmas songs with you. I've added a few covers which I think are so gorgeous that you may or may not have heard, even though I'm a firm lover of the originals it's nice to change things up a little when the same songs are being played over and over. I can't wait to spend time with my family over Christmas, listening to these songs on repeat and having the best day.

- Snow in California - Ariana Grande
- Happy xmas (war is over) - John Lennon
- Do they know it's Christmas - Band Aid
- One more sleep - Leona Lewis
- Santa's coming for us - Sia
- White Christmas - Bing Crosby
- I wish it could be Christmas every day - Wizzard
- Ave Maria - Beyonce
- Santa baby - Ariana Grande ft. Liz Gillies
- Feliz Navidad - Michael Buble ft. Thalia
- Run Rudolph run - Chuck Barry
- Silent night - Justin Bieber
- Merry Christmas darling - Christina Perri
- Sleigh ride - Penatonix
- Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
- Lonely this Christmas - Mud
- Winter Wonderland - Leona Lewis
- All I want for Christmas is you - Mariah Carey
- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Noah Cyrus
- Christmas (baby please come home) - Olivia Holt
- Christmas lights - Coldplay
- Have yourself a merry little Christmas - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
- Frosty the snowman - The Jackson 5

Yesterday I uploaded my December playlist which included a bunch of my favourite songs to chill by the fire with this month so if you're not feeling super festive 24/7 then definitely go and give that playlist a listen to if you're up for a quiet night in.

*photo from Pinterest

What's your favourite Christmas song?

Friday, 15 December 2017


Christmas is no doubt my favourite time of the year, but sometimes when all you hear is the same old songs on the radio non stop for two months it can get a bit too much sometimes, although I am totally up for being in the festive mood majority of the time! Since winter is all about being warm by the fire, sipping on hot beverages and watching your favourite Netflix series on repeat, it can be nice to listen to chilled out, yet still slightly festive playlists. This playlist would be perfect to listen to if you wanted to snuggle up in bed or on your sofa, do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping in the evenings after work and chilling out as much as possible without listening to the same songs you've been hearing all day. so heres a playlist of my current favourite chilled out songs with a few festive songs thrown in here and there.

- It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday - Jason Mraz
- Feeling Whitney - Post Malone
- The night we met - Lord Huron
- Perfect duet - Ed Sheeran & Beyonce
- Winter things - Ariana Grande
- Ocean eyes -Billie Eilish
- Honey - Kehlani 
- Love galore - SZA ft. Travis Scott
- Camouflage - Selena Gomez
- Right my wrongs - Bryson Tiller
- I'll be home for Christmas - Demi Lovato
- No love - Olivia O'Brien
- While we're young -Jhene Aiko
- Feels like home - Diana Krall ft. Bryan Adams
- Believe - Josh Groban (the polar express soundtrack) 
- Strong - Sonna Rele
- Stand by me - Otis Redding 
- Happy xmas (war is over) - John Lennon
- Georgia on my mind - Ray Charles
- It's only a paper moon - Ella Fitzgerald
- Love is hard - James Morrison
- Ave Maria - Beyonce
- Have yourself a merry little Christmas - Christina Perri

What's your favourite song?

Thursday, 14 December 2017


Believe it or not, I recently turned 18. It got me thinking, I've learnt a lot over the course of 18 years, well especially throughout my teenage years and although obviously I have so much more to learn throughout my life, I thought id name a few things that I have grown to learn so far, from relationships, life, self love, you name it.  I've been writing on this lil blog since I was 14 and in all honesty, it's helped me with so many things and taught me how to grow, life wise and career wise. I know that some day I want to be a full time writer, and of course I don't know where this blog may take me, but I believe that I am capable of accomplishing so much and I have high hopes that my blog will help me one way or another to reach my goals. I've also thrown in a few hard truths, things that I wish I heard when I was younger and have definitely learnt from. So stick around and I'll let you in on eighteen things I've learnt so far growing up.

1. Stop competing against others. Allow yourself to just. do. you. You can not possibly be just like somebody else, the same as they can't be the exact same as you, you can try to look like them all you want, but you will never be them, so really whats the point? be the best version of yourself that you can be, and do the things that make YOU happy, but don't do things in hopes that you'll be better than somebody else. It's not a healthy mindset to have and it isn't likely to get you anywhere in the long run, because chances are you won't be pleasing yourself, you'll only be doing it for social approval. 

2. It's okay to be different. Following up from the last one, it's okay to be different. At school I was always known as "the tall girl", I then left school and became "the homeschooled girl" all because I felt like I couldn't learn at school. I now follow a vegan diet and am looked at as being "the vegan girl". I don't strive to be different to everyone else, I simply do the things that make me feel better as a person and just because its not seen as "normal" to a lot of people, it's suddenly seen as being weird which isn't the case at all. I no longer try to dress the same as everyone else, no I don't wear extremely wacky clothing or have bright coloured hair (thats super cool if you do btw), but I just wear what I want and if I like it then thats all that should matter. I used to think people would laugh at me for having a blog and sharing it across my social media, but I got to a point where I suddenly thought "why should something I love doing be seen as something to be made fun of by other people?" I've had comments and funny looks for having this little space of happiness, but they no longer phase me because it's something I adore, even if it is seen as different.

3. Listen to your mum. Your mum knows how you're feeling just by seeing the look on your face, she can sense a bad relationship from a mile away and is right on just about everything. Of course you're free to have your own mind, your own dreams and what not, but seriously, just listen to your mum. She will always have your back before anyone else and you'll thank her for so many things later on.

4. Cherish time with family. Hanging out with friends is great and all, but never lose sight of who was there for you before anyone else. Family really is everything so make the time to spend days / evenings with your loved ones and show them how much they mean to you. If you have siblings, chances are you bicker with them from time to time, but throughout your life they will look out for you more than any friend you've ever had and will always be your best friend. 

5. Pain doesn't last forever. Seven months ago I endured more pain than I thought was ever possible for one person to feel, I'm still not over what happened and I know I never will be, but the pain isn't so frequent and not so heavy anymore, yes, I cry a lot and many things bring back memories, but I know I will be okay and life will carry on as it should. If you ever go through the pain of losing someone or go through something so painful you feel like you will never be able to cope, I just want to say that you will be okay - I promise.  Your chest won't feel like your heart is being torn out and your eyes won't stay red from the lack of sleep and what feels like a never ending amount of tears forever. You'll start to live life as you should, yes you'll think about it a lot, but the pain will not last forever. 

6. Stop holding grudges, it won't get you anywhere. 

7. Relationships work both ways. Although it takes two people to keep a friendship going, don't let the other person always make the first step and wonder why they suddenly aren't messaging you as much any more and not putting in so much effort. If you don't want a friendship to crumble you need to work hard to keep that person in your life. message them often, ask them how their day was and talk like you used to and if it doesn't work out then it clearly wasn't meant to be.

8. Dream big. As cliche as it may sound, dream big and dream often. You're never too young or too old to create new goals and work hard to reach them, no matter how big or small they may be.

9. Never fall under peer pressure. If you want to do something different and all your friends are doing the same thing, don't follow what they do, stick to your dream. If all your friends want to go off to uni and study the average subject and it's not for you, don't apply. If your dream career is something completely different, go for it! don't let others opinions change your plans. 

10. If you don't want to go to that party, don't go. Order a pizza and binge watch a series on Netflix and don't feel bad about not going.

11. Photos are everything. Make memories, keep track of them and look back at them whenever you can. The feeling of finding an old photo and bringing back memories is one of the most comforting, heart warming feelings. Whether they make you laugh or cry, or even both, they are memories that cannot be changed and you should cherish forever.

12. Take time to read. I know, it's 2017, we live on our phones, it's just how it is. But seriously, take half hour out of your day if you can, when you wake up, before you go to bed, whenever! just to pick up a book and dive into it. It's so refreshing to take a break from social media to read something that's just on a piece of paper. I used to read all the time when I was younger and as I've gotten older I've spent a lot less time reading books and instead spend time reading things online, but I've been trying to get back into reading so much more as it's so important for my mental health.

13. Music is important. I could not possibly ever imagine a world without music, it's so special to me and can calm me more than anything else no matter what mood I'm in. I've always loved singing, so finding new songs or singing the same old songs I've been listening for as long as I can remember is one of the most comforting things to me.

14. Other peoples opinions will never be relevant. I used to spend so much of my life thinking someone might have a bad opinion on something I've worn, how I am as a person, what I like and what I dislike etc.. and in all honesty, I can still overthink things like that sometimes when I know full well that I shouldn't. Everyone will always have an opinion on you whether its good or bad, but those opinions shouldn't change the way you act or who you are in the slightest. If someone doesn't like you, then don't waste your time trying to please them.

15. Create as much as you can. Art is one of the most beautiful things. Whether thats expressing yourself through music, painting, dancing, you name it. Be creative as often as you can and push yourself even more every time. You have the potential to do anything you want if you have the courage to pursue it. 

16. Grades aren't everything. I didn't get the best grades after I finished exams, but I also didn't get the worst. I know people that got higher grades than I did, but I'm still in the exact same position as them education / work wise. Grades aren't everything. If you have good grades, then thats cool, but if you have bad grades, who really cares? There are many successful people out there that dropped out of school with zero grades and own multi million dollar businesses, so don't stress too much.

17. Explore. One of my biggest goals has always been to travel. I love discovering new places and learning about places I've already been to. The world is so beautiful and theres so much for us to see, so why give up the opportunity to see new things and grow as a person?

18. It's okay to not have everything figured out. I used to think that as soon as I hit a certain age I would know exactly what I'm doing with my life and it would be perfect, but boy was I wrong. I know so many people who don't know what they're doing and are panicking because they feel like they should know what they're doing, but over time I've learnt that no one will never have it all figured out. Just take life as it comes - of course set goals, but don't lose sleep over not having it all figured out.

What's one of the best life lessons you've learnt?

Wednesday, 13 December 2017


Oh my goodness, It feels like its been forever since I've sat down and written a blog post, but hello, I am alive, and I'm back and better than before. Since the last time I posted, I've celebrated my 18th birthday and enjoyed that same week celebrating my mums 50th birthday and going to see The Lion King in the west end and also may have shed a few tears in the process, but other than that I feel like I haven't had the time I used to have to be able to lose myself in writing a blog post or two for you loves, mainly due to work (I know it seems like a poor excuse, but it's true). I set myself a goal to write a ton of festive posts this season as Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, so I've decided to attempt my first ever "12 days of Christmas" on my blog, so during the last 12 days leading up to Christmas I'll have a post up every day for you to sit and read with a warm cup of coffee, or some mulled wine if you're really in the spirit.

What better way to start all of the festivities this time of year, than to put on your comfies in the evening and throw on your favourite Christmas movies? We all have our favourites, our childhood classics and the ones we think are hyped up more than they need to be yet we still continue to watch them anyway, but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming when you're looking for some new suggestions and you have a whole wide world of Christmas thrown in front of your face and you end up watching the same movies over and over again because you get fed up of looking for something new. Well, don't worry friend, I gotchu. 

Christmas With The Kranks - 
Behold, the greatest Christmas film of all time. This is a huge family favourite and we watch it every year without fail. I can't even begin to tell you how much I laugh at this movie no matter how many times I've seen it, I honestly love it so much. The movie is about a couple who decide that they're going to skip Christmas and go on a cruise in the Caribbean, but when they're Christmas obsessed neighbours hear about the news and their daughter tells them she's coming home for the holidays, everything ends up going horribly wrong. If you want a hilarious, jolly and heart warming suggestion, then here it is. 

The Holiday -
I strongly believe that this is one of the cosiest films to ever exist. You know, the type of movie that makes you want to curl up in a ball with a fluffy blanket, a hot chocolate in hand and the fire crackling, even just by thinking about it? I never used to consider The Holiday as the "typical" Christmas movie as such, because although yes, it is set around Christmas, the storyline itself doesn't really have much to do with it, but with actresses like Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, you're bound to love it anyway. The movie is about two women who switch houses over Christmas time after both experiencing breakups with their boyfriends. They both end up falling for a man in each of their locations and believe that leaving will end their romance. It is definitely a must see, and the description really doesn't give it enough justice. 

Home Alone - 
I honestly can't remember any Christmas without Home Alone, it's been a classic for so many years and will continue to be a favourite of mine for a long time! I'm sure you've seen it already, but if you haven't (please do), it's about an eight year old boy who gets forgotten about on the day his big family goes away for the holidays and gets left home alone. At first he loves the idea of being on his own, but he soon panics when two con men try to rob his home and he does all he can to protect it.

The Search For Santa Paws -
This one is typically cheesy, but you've got to see it! I know far too many people who haven't come across this adorable, family friendly movie. It's based on a cute little talking pup named Santa paws who must save Christmas with the help of a little girl from the orphanage after Santa loses his memory during a trip to New York to help people believe in Christmas spirit once again.

Jack Frost -
I've grown to love this Christmas classic more and more over the years to the point where I feel like everyone I know needs to see it at least once during the season. The story is about a musician who never made enough time for his wife and son, but dies in a car accident on Christmas Day. One year after his death, his son plays a song on his harmonica and jack is soon magically brought to life as a snowman on their family front garden, and after a second chance, jack and his son finally make up for lost time. I feel like you need to see this movie whether the description sounds good to you or not. If you're after a Christmas movie that won't disappoint, then I can't suggest this one much more. 

I love baking in general, but theres something about this time of year that makes it a million times more enjoyable, all the scents from the different spices or the smell of freshly baked dough can make any home smell delightful, but after coming home from the cold outdoors, there's nothing more homely to me than the smell of baking all sorts of goodies.

Here are a few recipes I gathered up that I'm definitely going to be testing out of over Christmas:
What's your favourite Christmas movie?

Friday, 24 November 2017


Many of you may not have heard of a voxbox before and to be honest I hadn't heard of one until about three weeks ago either. A voxbox is basically just a box full of a certain brands products that contain new products and in this case I received a voxbox for the brand Bourjois who are looking to promote their new holiday lipsticks and eye palette as well as throwing in a few of their bestsellers. I have used Bourjois products since I was about 13 years old and have been one of my absolute favourite high street brands since so when Influenster reached out to me about the release of their new Bourjois voxbox I was so happy and wanted to work on this campaign straight away.

Healthy Mix Foundation - £9.99
This foundation is one of my holy grail products and after trying a few high end foundations, I always seem to head straight back to using this one as I find it so much better. I often find that the scent of foundation smells like clay and I hate it when I can still smell it after applying it on my face, but the healthy mix foundation honestly smells delightful, like sun cream almost! I love the coverage that this foundation has as it doesn't feel cakey but it also doesn't feel like I'm not wearing anything on my face as well as covering my spots enough to not use much concealer or any at all!

Healthy Mix Anti-Fatigue Concealer - £8.99
I don't tend to use concealer much as I don't like my face feeling cakey with foundation and face powder piled on top, especially under my eyes. So I only ever really use concealer on big spots that really don't want to be hidden. I'd be lying if I said I love this concealer as I just don't think it's all that great, but it's also not the worst and although £8.99 might be cheap for some people, I wouldn't warrant that much money on a concealer this small and this average if you're on a budget and could find a cheaper alternative elsewhere.

Xmas Smoky Stories Eyeshadow Quad - £7.99
When I received this palette I was so excited to play around with the colours and create an evening look. I'm quite fussy when it comes to eye palettes as I can't stand any fall out and tend to go straight back to the same palette I love, that being the Tarte "Tartelette In Bloom" palette (I swear nothing compares!). I think the smoky stories palette itself has very pretty colours and is perfect for Christmas time and I'm sure you could create a fab eye look for a new years party or any other christmassy celebrations. I tried out all of the different shades and I loved using the lightest shade as a base colour and both the brown and plum shades are highly pigmented and blend so well, but when it come to using the glitter shade in the middle, I didn't like it one bit. It looks like there should be a purple undertone when applying this shade to your lid, but it was like pure glitter that didn't apply very well at all and I found that all of the glitter ended up under my eyes or on my cheeks and wouldn't budge afterwards. So the glitter shade is a definite no from me.

Volume Glamour Push Up Mascara - £8.99
I have used many Bourjois mascaras in the past and I think their prices are great for such good quality. If you are looking for a high street mascara to replace one of your beloved high end mascaras then Bourjois is the brand for you without a doubt. This mascara in particular creates the best volume for my lashes although I use it along side my Maybelline Lash Sensational for a mix of volume and length. I would definitley recommend giving this mascara a go if you haven't already.

Little Round Pot Blusher - £6.49
I've never really been one to wear blush on a daily basis, in fact I rarely wear it at all since my cheeks have always been fairly rosey. I was sent this adorable little blush in the shade Golden Rose and the scent of course smells like rose and I think it's lovely! Obviously you don't want to go overboard when applying blush as you'll end up looking like a five year old who has just raided their mums makeup bag, so applying a fair amount of this product creates the perfect natural rosey glow on your cheeks with a tiny bit of shimmer.

Rouge Velvet Lipsticks - £8.99
Now onto the best bit about the entire box, the lipsticks! I adore all of these shades as they aren't something I would usually wear, but have always wanted to be brave enough to pull off yet I never wanted to waste my money on buying them to end up not liking them. But when I tried out all of these shades I instantly fell in love. I was sent three shades, Brunette, Berry Formidable and Magni-fig with Brunette being my favourite as it is a dark brown with a hint of red, it's stunning! Berry Formidable is a dark red and would be perfect to create any christmas makeup look and I'll definitley get a lot of use out of it this time of year. Magni-fig is a pink berry shade which is something I would never usually go for as I always find that pinks never suit me at all, but I actually love it! These lipsticks are so creamy and don't leave your lips feeling dry, but are also long lasting and great quality for the price! I would recommend all of these lipsticks as well as their liquid lips to create the perfect festive look.

Have you tried Bourjois Products?

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


If you read my blog posts regularly, then it's probably no surprise to you that I love a good ol' cosy day at home when the weather is gloomy and the days are dark, but if you are new to this blog, then hey you've just learnt a new fact about me, haaha.. Now that we're heading into winter, ew I know gross, where did Autumn go? It's essential to keep my home feeling the cosiest it can be so that when I get home from work I can immediately feel warm and happy for the rest of the evening.

Lights -
Fairy lights are my absolute favourite this time of year as they make any room look super cosy and if you want to watch some tv and not have your main lights on then these are perfect as they don't generate too much light and leave the room feeling cosy and also looking real pretty at the same time. You can find fairy lights pretty much anywhere during autumn/winter as of course, they are popular during Christmas time, so you have a ton of options to choose from! But if you're on a tight budget or want cheaper options, then Primark is great for having pretty, delicate and extremely affordable fairy lights to make your home look gorgeous.

Candles -
I feel like I mention candles wayyy too much, like seriously read through every post this season and you'll see what I mean! but I don't think I know any blogger that doesn't obsess over candles, we're all addicted, there's no shame! My absolute favourite candle has got to be "Christmas Eve" by Yankee Candle, it has a sweet yet musky sort of scent to it and I honestly have never smelt anything quite like it. It's my go to scent this time of year and you can smell it throughout your entire home when it's burning, I love it! Since it's hard to get hold of candles from Bath and Body Works, I can always rely on Yankee Candle to make my home smell incredible. Other than "Christmas Eve", I am also loving "Macaron Treats", "Christmas Cookie" and "Season Of Peace" which are all part of their Christmas collection, so check them out while you still can if you haven't already! I also love all candles from The White Company, with "Winter" being one of my favourite scents.

Fluffy Blankets -
Blankets and throws are the main essential when it comes to a cosy day at home. What says cosy more than wrapping yourself up in a fluffy blanket and watching your favourite show on Netflix with a candle burning and your fairy lights twinkling? I always keep a throw / blanket at the end of the bed since I usually wake up shivering in the night and it never fails to make me feel warm and peaceful when I wrap myself up in it. I always think Next have great options when it comes to cosy homeware and their blankets never fail to be beautifully dreamy and smooth.

Winter mugs -
Maybe a slightly strange one, but hear me out! I mean what's the point in enjoying a hot beverage without it being in a mug with an adorable reindeer or penguin on throughout the winter? am I right or am I right? I've been eyeing up so many cute little mugs when I've been out and about at the moment, with places like Next and Homesense that have undoubtedly adorable mugs you'll want asap! plus they're great for featuring in the perfect cosy evening in snap on Instagram, so if that doesn't make you want them even more then I don't know what will. Although I've never considered myself much of a tea drinks, I've really been enjoying Clipper Tea's "Calmer chameleon" and "Flower Power" infusion flavours that were kindly gifted to me recently. If you like herbal tea or would like to get into drinking it then these are perfect for you. Both flavours are soothing and perfect to drink in the morning before breakfast or as a light evening drink.

Wall Art -
I love canvases, I love paintings and I love quotes, there's no questioning that. But I believe that these three things can suddenly make any home feel cosier as the walls don't look so empty and cold, does that make sense? I think quotes especially are the cosiest out of the three as it can be something meaningful, family related or some lovely winter words. You can find quotes in pretty much any homeware store or there are tons of gorgeous quotes online (Pinterest is my favourite!) that you could print off and frame.

I hope these suggestions make you want to go out and find the perfect cosy winter homeware pieces to make your evenings easier or your lazy days more enjoyable throughout these colder months. Now if you don't mind me, I'm going to throw on "Polar Express", put on my comfiest pjs and wrap up warm with a blanket and make myself a vanilla coffee, because I'm extra of course.

What are your favourite cosy home essentials?