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Friday, 13 January 2017


As a fan of Shaaanxo (Shannon Harris) on Youtube, I knew I needed this palette when she released it a little while back. I finally received this gorgeous palette for Christmas, but have been playing around with it a bit before sharing my thoughts on it with all of you lovely people - but honestly, I love it. I absolutely love how this is not only an eyeshadow palette, but a lip palette also. There is such a variation of shades and definitley makes me step out of my comfort zone a little with all the bright lip colours, as i'm one who usually just sticks to a nude lip. All of the eyeshadows are warm shades which I think is the reason why I wanted this palette the most, I can't even tell you how obsessed I am with orangey / golden tones.

The eye palette is so pigmented and is an amazing price for such high quality with four mattes and 5 shimmery shades. The only downside to the palette that I found is that there is quite a bit of fallout when applying this to the eyes, so I always do my eye makeup before applying foundation and use a face wipe to get rid of any excess. They all blend out so well and my two favourite eyeshadows in the palette are without a doubt the orange and the burgundy - they're so stunning and you could easily create a day to night look with them by adding darker shades and a bit of shimmer for the evening.

Although I love the lipsticks in this palette, I expected there to be more of a variation in colours as a lot of them are quite bright pink shades, which I find don't suit me very much. As I usually stick to nude shades with all my lipsticks, I definitley get a lot of use out of the nude shade in this palette, but I also really like the deep purple although it still has a pink tint to it. I find that when you look at the different shades in the palette compared to how they look like when applied, they look very similar on the lip whereas they all look very different in the palette which is a downside. I love how hydrating the lipsticks are when applied, and don't dry out my lips at all throughout the day, they also last a bit longer on the lips than I expected to and stay whenever you eat and drink, which obviously is something we all want and love in a good lipstick.
Overall, I think this palette is stunning and I know i'm going to get a lot of usage out of it as I have been using it near enough every day since Christmas. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a new palette without spending a lot of money. You can find it on BH cosmetics or if you're from the UK you can find it on Beauty Bay where I got mine.

have you tried this palette?


Monday, 2 January 2017


That's it, another year over, but a new year set full of goals ahead. Like most people, I have had many ups and downs in 2016, but the good outway the bad and i'm extremely grateful for the opportunities and incredible memories I created this year. I have been through experiences that have shaped me into a better version of myself and met new people that have changed my life in the best way possible. I had no goals set for 2016, I kind of just went with the flow and although there were a few downfalls, I pulled myself up again and completed the year with a positive outlook on life and the years to come. 

If you asked me year or two ago to go out alone or do something as simple as ordering coffee I would have panicked and said no because being around strangers when I was alone was a big deal. In 2016 I gained a heck of a lot of confidence, I traveled places on my own and felt a lot more independant whereas I always felt like I needed someone around me to feel okay before. I can talk to strangers (although still slightly nerve wracking at times) so much easier than ever before and feel comfortable around new people. Since starting college in September I've had to be a lot more independent and deal with situations alone. I am proud of myself now that my confidence has grown and I know that as time goes by throughout 2017 it will carry on growing and I will no longer have to worry about the small things that really don't matter. Weight has always been a big thing for me also, so losing a few stone in 2016 in a sensible, healthy way has made me feel so much more body confident - although I feel like I still have a little way to go yet until I am 100% happy with myself.

I struggle badly with anxiety and my moods are always going up and down randomly, but 2016 has taught me a lot of things and I think it all ties in with my confidence and mental health. I feel like I am starting to know my own mind, I know what career path I want to go down and I know the goals I need to set to get there. I know that people come and go in life and you need to accept that not everyone sticks around, no matter how much you want them to, sometimes life just gets in the way. I've learnt to listen to my gut, other peoples opinions and views on a situation don't always matter and if they do, listen to those who have stuck around a long time, not the people that you speak to every now and again. You know what's good for you. I've also learnt that it's healthy to have time alone to shut off from day to day things, having a pamper night, reading a good book - the small things, anything to help clear your mind.
I finished my exams, started college and stepped way out of my comfort zone by travelling alone, meeting new people and studying fashion which is something I had never studied before so it was all completely new to me. I dealt with staying in hospital for almost a week without losing my mind and having an operation which was a little scary. I spoke to strangers without feeling terrified. I travelled to America and had an incredible time in DisneyWorld and Universal Studios. I became Vegan which meant completely changing my eating habits literally overnight. I made new friends at concerts that I still stay in contact with. I discovered a love for art, poetry and history. I went on several adventures around London and made a ton of hilarious memories that I will always look back on. I saw my favourite musical - Les Mis. I gained a lot more readers on my blog which makes me so happy. I made time for the people that truly matter, not the people that pick and choose when they want to be in my life. I saw a ton of my favourite musicians and even met a few including Little Mix, Nina Nesbitt and Andy Black. I consumed more iced coffee than ever before. I worked with some really cool brands. I discovered my new favourite restaurant in Brighton. I developed a liking for herbal tea. I met my lifelong best friend. I made a dress made out of trash for an event and it actually looked pretty good in the end. I became the happiest i've been in a long time.

2017 GOALS -

1. Step up my fitness game.
2. Push myself more to get the career I want.
3. Express myself with fashion a lot more by stepping out of my comfort zone.
4. Read at least 20 books.
5. Shut off from social media more often.
6. Study food + nutrition.
7. Discover new music and attend smaller gigs.
8. Become more organized. 
9. Go to an art gallery. 
10. Be more consistent with blog posts by posting once or twice a week.
11. Have more fun and worry less.

I am so grateful for the lessons I learnt throughout 2016, life's too short to worry about the little things and I think that's something that we all have to remind ourselves of more often. I'm happy and proud of everything I achieved, and here's to hoping we all achieve our 2017 goals and make even more (if not better) memories this year. 

what is your biggest goal for 2017?


Tuesday, 27 December 2016


First off, I hope you had a very merry christmas! It feels like christmas was over and done with so fast and now I'm so sad it's over :( anyways, I find it funny how in my last post I mentioned this product in my current beauty wishlist and boom here it is. in real life. in my hands. my life is complete.

Jeffree Star products are all over social media right now and if you're not in on the craze then you definitley should be! I love how unique Jeffree's brand is, with all the crazy coloured products he creates (like can we talk about the black highlighter??), it makes his brand stand out from the rest, not to mention the packaging of his products, it's so perfect.

I've been obsessing over his skin frost highlighters ever since he first started releasing them, but because of shipping expenses I decided I wouldn't bother.. that was until I found out some of his products were on Beauty Bay, which meant I definitley needed at least one. Just before christmas I checked which highlighters were in stock on Beauty Bay and although there was only "mint condition" and "peach goddess" I had been planning on getting peach goddess first anyways so of course I asked for this one for christmas. I was no way expecting to actually receive this for christmas, but I am so happy and grateful that I did because let me tell you, this product is a dream.

I can't believe how reasonable the prices of his products are for such high quality, his highlighters are around £25 and they're huge! The pigmentation of peach goddess is incredible, but is supposedly aimed at light to medium skin tones for a peachy / champagne glow. I love how with just one stroke of this on the cheekbone is enough, no need to keep trying to build it up to create the perfect shine.
I have been using this for three days now and I can't even tell you how much I love it. I'm super picky when it comes down to highlighters because I find that most high street powder highlighters don't actually do anything and can be a waste of money, so now I have this one in my life I won't be needing a new one for quite some time. I prefer using this highlighter to my liquid "high beam" from Benefit as you can put it on your nose, cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow - literally anywhere, without it ruining your foundation where as I find that liquid highlighters can be ruined if I am using finishing powders because when the two are combined it turns out horrible on my skin. I will definitley be repurchasing from Jeffree Star in the future and I can't wait to get my hands on a few of his liquid lipsticks.

Have you tried Jeffree Star Cosmetics?


Friday, 16 December 2016


beauty wish list

Zoeva Caramel Melange eye palette - £17.50
I have heard so much about Zoeva products, but have yet to actually try any of them out for myself. All of their eye palettes look gorgeous, but of course, I'm naturally drawn to warmer shade eyeshadows so I instantly fell in love with the caramel melange palette which consists of 10 dreamy warm / nude shades with a mixture of both shimmer and matte. This palette is honestly so dreamy and I've heard nothing but great things about it. Plus I can't believe how cheap it is for such high quality.

Tarte Tarteist PRO Amazonian Clay Palette - £39
Tarte is without a doubt one of my most favourite brands and always produce such great high quality products that everyone seems to becomes obsessed with. I purchased the Tartelette in Bloom palette a while back which you can read all about here and i've never been more attached to an eye palette as much as I am with this one. The pro palette has a lot more shades (16 mattes and 4 shimmery) so I am absolutely dying to try it out.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost in Peach Goddess - £25.50
It's hard to get hold of Jeffree Star makeup in the UK without paying extra for shipping and customs, but when I noticed that a fair few of his products were on Beauty Bay I had to check it out. I've been wanting one of his skin frost highlighters for what feels like forever and Peach Goddess looks gorgeous. I've also heard that his highlighters can be used as eyeshadows as they are highly pigmented.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara - £17
I've been on the hunt for a new mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes for a long time now and I believe (judging by reviews) that this could be the answer.

Lime Crime Liquid Lips - £15
The liquid lip shades in "Bleached" and "Saint" are everything. Again, I have yet to try any products from Lime Crime, but have heard nothing but amazing things about the brand and the products. I have always been hesitant about trying out liquid lipsticks as many of them are known to dry out your lips really quickly and who really wants chapped lips? but judging on reviews not many people feel this way about these ones. I've also never tried a darker lip before so I want to get my hands on "saint" the most.

Zoeva Rose Gold Complete Eye Set - £65
Eye brushes are something I seem to lack, but are something that i've been wanting to purchase for so long now. As great as Real Techniques are, I want to branch out a bit more with brushes, eye brushes in particular, not to mention these are rose gold which obviously makes them that much more special. This complete set comes with 12 brushes and I think the price for all 12 is pretty good considering when you buy most brushes alone from the majority of brands they're priced £10 or more.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner - £16
Ahhh, the much loved eyeliner by the queen of makeup. I see this all over instagram and in blog posts and the need to buy this is growing bigger every day, no joke. I'm constantly put off of wearing eyeliner because I've never found one that's any good after many years of trying different brands and being disappointed every time. But now that people say they swear by this product I want to get into wearing it.

what is your favourite beauty product right now?


Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Everyone needs a break sometimes, whether that's from work, school or other day to day activities. Now that winter is approaching and Christmas is almost here (the excitement is unreal), cozy days are almost essential. Now go grab yourself a cup of coffee, chuck on some pyjamas and get in that lazy day mind set, you deserve a break.

If I'm having a lazy day I like to lay in a little later than usual, definitely no earlier than 9am. I'll always find myself scrolling through social media, blog posts and catching up on a few youtube videos. Right now my favourite youtubers are Kalyn Nicholson and Mel Joy. Eventually I'll decide to drag myself out of bed, throw on some slipper boots and go downstairs to make myself a cup of coffee, turn on my laptop and have a look through pinterest which I am currently obsessed with. 

I'm never really hungry as soon as I wake up so I give it a while before I start making breakfast / brunch. but by around 11 am - 12 I might make myself a quick smoothie or something simple like toast. I am currently loving a smoothie recipe from Ella Woodward's cookbook "Deliciously Ella, every day" it's really quick and easy and is also my absolute favourite go to breakfast.
You just need to combine these ingredients in a high speed blender:

one ripe banana (I like to put this in the freezer the night before so the smoothie is more like an ice cream consistency, trust me it's great)
handful of frozen berries
large handful of rolled oats
150ml plant - based milk
small handful of cashews
1 tsp tahini
I then like to run a bath preferably with a bath bomb from Lush since they are pretty damn beautiful. My favourite bath bomb has always been "twilight" so if i'm using that one, i'm super happy. Twilight has a lavender scent so it's perfect for a sleepy, chilled out day / evening. If you want to go all out, I suggest using a bath oil, throwing on some body scrub, a body conditioner, the lot. You can read my latest post all about the Lush Bella Fruta gift box here if you want some new treats for your skin, plus they're all vegan friendly. just throwing that out there.

What is a lazy day without binge watching a series on Netflix? I strongly recommend watching Gilmore Girls or Shameless for something easy watching and funny or if you feel like getting into a realllll good show then The Vampire Diaries is an absolute must. If you don't feel like sitting around on this particular lazy day, then baking is never a bad idea, well that is unless you're likely to burn your house down..

Candles are a must every day of winter but when it's a lazy day it is absolute essential that I light one. I'm not fussy about the type of scent I like, but something between sweet and musky is perfect. Nothing too strong but nothing too sickly. I am forever wishing that we had a Bath and Body Works in the UK, but instead we have to deal with the dreaded overpriced shipping / customs.. sigh.. But now we have reached this wonderful time of the year the christmas Yankee Candles are my weakness, particularly "Christmas Eve", it's my all time favourite candle like I can't even explain how much I love it but omg it's insane.

Cozying up by the fire with a book is the best way to chill out during the evening, but if you're not a book lover then what's the harm in watching more tv shows? i mean let's be honest, they're pretty addictive. Instead of drinking coffee in the evenings, i sometimes (although very rarely) make myself a hot chocolate. I found a really great recipe to make the perfect vegan hot chocolate by Minimalist Baker which you can find here. I also find that if you want a spicy kick to it then adding nutmeg, cinnamon and a tiny bit of maca powder can be perfect, but either way this recipe is great.

Before heading to bed I sometimes follow a few easy relaxing / stretching videos from Blogilates on youtube to stretch my muscles as I have barely moved all day and sitting infront of a laptop for a long duration isn't going to do your posture any good. Casey's videos are so relaxing and make you feel amazing afterwards. After following these videos I like to do my usual night skincare routine, check up on emails and scroll through social media on my phone before shutting everything off and having a good nights sleep.

How do you like to spend your lazy days?

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


As a person who adores anything and everything Lush related, I was so happy to receive a gift set for my birthday and of course, naturally I wanted to write a first impressions post for all of my other fellow lush lovers or first time buyers who want to join the hype. I had never owned one of the gift sets before Bella Fruta so I couldn't wait to see what lovely things were inside,

Literally before you even open the wrapping around the box you can smell the tropical / fruity scent that I immediately fell in love with. The mix of everything is truly amazing. There were six products within the box, all of them being used for different things. I had tried the Avobath bath bomb in the past, but is still an all time favourite that I will forever repurchase whenever I need my mood to be lifted and to feel refreshed. With the mix of lemongrass, bergamot, avocado and olive oil your skin is left feeling smooth and hydrated, plus your bath looks pretty cool with the water turning green. This bath bomb is usually overlooked as it's not sparkly or multicoloured and although those kind of bath bombs look great on Instagram, this one does wonders to the skin leaving any signs of dry skin behind. The second product that caught my eye was the red fun bar, I've never used any of the fun bars before, but I can't wait to try this one out really soon! The smell is fruity (obviously) with a mix of orange oil and mandarin oil to make your skin feel refreshed. I'm interested in the results I might get from this product as it can be used for so many different things ranging from solid shampoo, a bubble bar or soap. You can also purchase the fun bar in five different colours so I look forward to trying those eventually too. Another bath based product in the box was the "You've been mangoed" bath oil. I used this along with the Avobath bath bomb as I heard that they are great combined since the smells are pretty much identical with similar ingredients. This bath oil left my skin feeling so soft! and is such a bargain at £2 when you buy it alone. If you don't plan on washing your hair after using this product I recommend pinning it back as it's no surprise that bath oils can make your hair feel greasy, but other than this, I loved the feeling of my skin after my bath.

I love bubble bars so I was happy when I noticed "Brightside" in the box. This uplifting citrus bubble bar is honestly wonderful and I can't wait to repurchase it. The scent is enough to make your mood feel brighter along with the feeling of your skin. This bubble bar is perfect for a cosy night in or pamper night with plentyyy of bubbles to make you feel great. One of the last products in the box was the "layer cake" soap. This is the sort of product I usually forget about when I walk into Lush so it was nice to have something a little different within the gift set as I would often aim to buy bath bombs / bubble bars. The scent smells just like one of the shower jelly's with ingredients such as blueberry, raspberry, pineapple, orange and grape juice. I feel like I will get a lot of use out of this bar and it's definitely something I would repurchase. The final product was the African Paradise body conditioner and oh. my. god. I love it. My skin felt incredibly smooth after just one use and I never want this little tub to end! The smell is not something I thought I would like but it has certainly grown on me with the mix of floral, spicy and sweet scents. With ingredients such as Shea butter, almond oil and cocoa butter it's no surprise my skin felt soft and nourished.

Overall, I really love all of these products and would recommend them to anyone if you're looking for a citrus or uplifting scent to fill your bathroom and hydrate your skin. This would also be a perfect Christmas gift / secret santa idea.

Have you tried any of these products?

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Gilmore girls is without a doubt one of my top 5 favourite tv shows and I feel like I can relate to whatever Lorelai and Rory say in every single episode as sarcasm is clearly my middle name. So I thought why not make a post dedicated to all those times us Gilmore Girl fans have related to it? If you haven't seen this show then I strongly recommend that you jump onto Netflix right now and binge watch with plenty of coffee, you won't regret it.

This literally screams "ME" 
any other fellow coffee addicts here ? ..

How many times have you related to Gilmore Girls?