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Sunday, 25 September 2016




Although no longer seeing delicate summer florals everywhere in the shops saddens me, the thought of bringing out the burgundy and plum shades does bring just a little bit of excitement, as I said, just a little of course I resorted to blogging about my favourite autumn pieces I found on Asos earlier today and over the past few weeks!

Skirts are most definitely an autumn essential and this one from Monki is right at the top of my wishlist. The amount of detail is only small, but it's easy enough to fall in love with and although probably not the best to wear on a rainy day in England as it's suede. this skirt would still be perfect to wear on a lovely crisp day. 

Velvet has made a comeback and is better than ever. It's not hard to tell that is one of the biggest trends right now as fashion week has said it all. I feel like velvet is a very love or hate material and as you can tell, i'm one of the many that love it. This bodysuit is the perfect autumn / winter piece to add to anyone's wardrobe!

Knit dresses are the most perfect things to wear with ankle boots / knee high boots, well any boots, you get the point. They'd even go with the cute booties that will be listed shortly! one autumn outfit sorted, you're welcome ;)  

Although this top is a bit pricey, it can be worn at literally any point throughout the year, not just autumn! so go ahead and treat yo self. I'm a sucker for lace, so this top is EVERYTHING. 

Okay let's be real, when do public desire shoes ever disappoint? that's right, the answer is never. I seem to be seeing these shoes all over the place recently. and I am loving them! Can I have these in every colour please?

I absolutely adore bohemian style, so when I saw this I had to add it to my wishlist. This dress could easily be worn in the summer as well as Autumn as it's floral, but also gives itself an autumn vibe with the burgundy colour. 

Monday, 19 September 2016


Now that a new season has arrived it's time to start new trends and write new blog posts to get us through these colder months. I still can't face the fact that summer is over, but the thought of cuddling up with a blanket with the fire going, drinking hot chocolate and watching episodes of full house in the evening does sound pleasing.

I tend to have writers block pretty often so I thought i'd give us all a few autumnal blog post ideas to keep our lack of inspiration at bay and get our blogging game on.

Fashion -

1.The perfect coat wishlist
2. A/W trends you love
3. A/W trends you dislike
4. How to style a certain item
5. Your favourite winter shoes
6. Your payday wishlist
7. Pinterest style inspiration
8. Your favourite knitwear
9. Brand focus e.g. your favourite items from h&m
10. The best basics for Autumn
11. Halloween costume ideas
12. High end / high street fashion wishlist
13. Current sales and offers
14. Your favourite minimal accessories
15. Clothing brands that deserve more recognition
16. Your favourite celebrity styles
17. Fashion week favourites

Beauty  -

1. Everyday Autumn makeup
2. Updated skincare routine
3. Autumn beauty haul
4. Must have gold eyeshadows
5. How to get the perfect glow
6. DIY face masks
7. Best of berry lipsticks
8. Halloween makeup routine
9. Halloween makeup look under £10
10. Best of blushers
11. Smokey eye makeup look
12. How to wear burgundy eyeshadow
13. Drugstore autumn makeup
14. A/W beauty trends you love / hate
15. High end makeup wishlist
16. The best makeup dupes
17. Your five product face
18. List of products you will always repurchase
19. Product empties
20. Celebrity inspired makeup
21. Upcoming beauty trends
22. Beauty brands you want to try
23. An entire brand makeup look e.g Benefit
24. Interesting makeup storage ideas
25. Tackling a makeup trend e.g strobing
26. Your "no makeup" makeup
27. Tips to make your makeup last longer
28. How to clean your makeup brushes
29. An insight into makeup expiry dates
30. Your go to skincare products for breakouts
31. Whats in your makeup bag: autumn edition
32. A lush haul
33. Your pamper routine for a cosy night in
34. Get ready with me for occasions e.g. lazy day, brunch, party etc..
35. How to build the perfect eye palette

Lifestyle -

1. Instagram roundup
2. Top 10 places you want to visit
3. Your favourite things about Autumn
4. What you don't like about Autumn
5. Autumn playlist
6. How to stay motivated during the colder months
7. Workout routine for winter
8. Your current favourite apps
9. Autumnal photo props / background ideas
10. Must watch movies on netflix
11. The best netflix originals
12. What to do on a rainy day
13. Your favourite candles (candle haul maybe??)
14. Healthy snack ideas to stop comfort eating in winter
15. Books to read this autumn
16. A weekend / travel photo diary
17. A warming recipe if you feel like baking
18. Goals you hope to achieve by the end of Autumn
19. How you got into blogging
20. Your favourite bloggers
21. Autumn mood board
22. Five things your readers don't know about you
23. Essential blogging equipment e.g notebook, camera
24. Advice you would give to new bloggers
25. Autumn morning routine
26. What you eat in a day
27. Random favourites
28. Not so spooky halloween movies

I hope these helped you feel inspired, now go get writing!

Shannon x

Saturday, 10 September 2016


The Kate Spade show looked gorgeous held on the rooftop of the NoMad hotel, one of the city's most well-known hotels. The moroccan themed display was theatrical with belly dancers and waiters serving tea, but obviously it was the clothes that made the show truly special. Each piece contained a lot of detail, giving off a bohemian vibe with the colourful patterns, and all of the accessories were detailed to perfection, including the bags and shoes of course.

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Spade

I loved the entire collection, but my two favourites had to be the white peasant top dress with black embroidered flowers and the blue and white diamond pattern mini dress with tassels. This collection was so dreamy, don't you think? Leave a comment and tell me which look was your favourite!

Friday, 9 September 2016


I've never been someone to keep repurchasing the same skincare products so finding new brands and new products to experiment with is always fun. When I found out about Weleda skincare, I instantly knew I wanted to try something from their range as I had heard only good things about their "skin food" mainly from instagram and other blog posts. Skin food seems to be their best selling product so of course I was keen to try it as soon as possible.

When I recieved Skin Food in the post, I certainly wasn't disappointed. The packaging was simple, but cute with the green relating back to nature which is what the brand is all about since they started back in 1926. All of their products contain natural, raw ingredients to keep your skin as healthy as possible, It's pretty amazing really.

I applied this product to my face the morning after I had received it and my skin felt hydrated throughout the entire day without having to apply it several times as instructed. The only downfall for this product is that it can feel quite heavy as soon as it is applied which isn't something we all want if being applied in the morning, so I would advise not to apply this if you're planning on doing your makeup shortly afterwards. If you don't feel like applying the moisturiser on your face it still does wonders on places like your hands, elbows and feet. Literally anywhere that your skin isn't feeling soft and hydrated. 

I did notice a natural glow to my face within a couple of days of using this moisturizer which I don't find very often when using others from different highstreet brands, so Weleda definitley score points for that one. If you're looking for new skincare products to try out, I would instantly recommend Weleda as their products are pretty special and won't disappoint. Everything that the brand states that this product can do is 100% true and is also super affordable. 

You can find Skin Food here for just £9.95.

Have you tried Weleda products?

shannon x 

Saturday, 3 September 2016


I know summer is at an end, but while the weather is still feeling pretty summery, I'm trying to squeeze this post in while I still can. I have been crushing on a fair few statement bags these past months and was inspired to create this post after seeing one that caught my eye today which will be down below. I really hope this trend will carry on throughout autumn and winter but if not, what the hell maybe I'll get one anyway.


I know, I know, we're not all Kylie Jenner who can afford any new designer bag that hits the shelf, but I couldn't resist adding this to one of the items I'm currently loving. I mean look at how adorably tiny it is! This would look perfect with any minimalist outfit as the embellished applique'd canvas says it all.

Now that everyone's headed back to school or college, this beauty would be perfect and practical for carrying all your school essentials. I absolutely love the gold glitter detail on this bag and it can make any outfit look more casual!

Here I am back at again with the high end brands, but you have to understand where I'm coming from when I say how dreamy this leather tote is, right? The colours are stunning!

If you're a sucker for a bohemian print like me then you'll love this cute little clutch I found while scrolling through Free People. This clutch would be perfect during festival season or great to take on sunny holidays!

This cross body bag could be paired easily with any outfit, but gives it a more hippy summer vibe with the long tassels which I love! Also available in brown and equally as nice!

Do you love statement bags?

Friday, 19 August 2016


Tweezers can be used for all sorts of things, but for myself and a lot of other fellow beauty bloggers out there, it's all about the brows. Even if you're not one to go and get your brows done professionally, you may still be guilty of plucking them every now and then to clean them up a little (I know I am).

Until yesterday, I had no idea that there were over 80 makes of tweezers out there. How can there be so many different types for so many different things? crazy right?

Some of the most iconic eyebrows belong to the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Cara Delevingne and Marilyn Monroe so if you want to achieve brows like these without the hassle or money to get them done professionally then tweezers may just be your answer. It's easy to pick up a cheap pair of slanted tweezers from near enough any of your local drugstores or supermarkets, but are they really any good?

Brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills are perfect when it comes down to plucking eyebrows as they cause no pain at all unlike a lot of brands out there. Although these tweezers may be expensive to some, they are worth the splurge! You can read more about the different types of tweezers and the ways to use them correctly here, this includes tweezers with a round tip, pointed tip, square tip, pointed slant tip and cricket point tip etc..

One of the biggest mistakes people make when using tweezers is pressing too hard. The harder you press on the tweezers, the more likely they are to release whatever you are trying to grip. So next time you are using tweezers, be sure to press gently.
It is also advised that you don't store your tweezers with your makeup brushes and clean them properly in boiling water after every use.

Do you use tweezers?

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


I'm always on the hunt for new blogs to read and gush over some new photography skills, but I always come back to the same blogs that I've been reading for a long time that never get old, so why not share them with you lovely lot?

photo credit: Jemma
I discovered Jemma's blog fairly recently and it's adorable! Her style is so different compared to most of the blogs that I follow and her uniqueness is what I love most about it. Her photos always grab my attention when i'm scrolling through bloglovin' due to the bright pop of colour and it makes me want to read the post instantly.

photo credit: Elsie and Emma

Possibly my favourite blog everrr! Elsie and Emma never fail to make their blog look beautiful as well as writing consistent flawless content. A beautiful mess has been one of my most favourite blogs to read ever since I started my blog back in 2014 and continues to inspire me with writing every day.

photo credit: Free People Blog

There is no denying how obsessed I am with the clothing brand, Free People, but ever since I discovered their blog i'm pretty sure I've been stalking it every day.. Every single time I take a look at the free people blog it makes me happy as I find their writing so motivational and uplifting in each post. Boho is without a doubt my favourite style so is there really any questioning as to why I love this brand so much? 

photo credit: Visa Lom

Visa Lom runs a personal style blog which I could go on and on about. Her style is absolutely stunning and the photo above shows one of my favourite outfits. See how effortless it is? Although there is never really much writing in her posts, the image of her outfit says it all. I'm sat here crushing on all of her outfits right now, I NEED THEM ALL. 

photo credit: Jasmine

I have been following Jasmine for what feels like forever! It's crazy seeing how much her following has increased since I started following her, but she definitely deserves as much attention as she can get to her blog as it is stunning. I can always spot Jasmine's photos from a mile off whether I'm scrolling through instagram or bloglovin', as soon as I see a photo with a marble base and warm toned products I know Jasmine has uploaded it!

photo credit: Kelsey

Kelsey is definitely one of my favourite bloggers when it comes down to writing as it is always written professionally with a lot of detail. I love knowing a lot about a certain product and Kelsey always manages to describe it perfectly. Also, her makeup looks never fail to amaze me.

photo credit: Amelia

I have major style envy over literally all of Amelia's outfit posts, they're all stunning and most of her recent outfits include a bohemian vibe which gives me the biggest heart eyes ever. She also runs a youtube channel which is equally just as cute as her blog!

photo credit: Taylor and Elaine

I always enjoy reading travel blogs as I can see travelling being a big part of my life some day in the near future and Taylor and Elaine always make me dream of the same places they have travelled to in their posts. One of their latest posts, "The best girls weekend in sunny Osoyoos, BC" makes me want to go there so badly!

There are so many blogs out there that I enjoy reading, it was really hard to name only 8, but if you can suggest any blogs that you love down below then I will definitely go and check them out!