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Wednesday, 12 October 2016




Velvet has been hitting all the stores and has featured in many shows during fashion week, so it's safe to say that it is definitley one of the biggest trends of 2016. I feel like velvet is a very love or hate kind of trend as some people hate the texture or simply the way it looks, but I, along with many others, love it! I rounded up five of my favourite velvet pieces, each from a different store to help you find the right addition to your wardrobe, enjoy!

1. River Island - Grey velvet lace trim bodysuit - £22
This bodysuit is available in four different shades, although only orange and grey are velvet. River Island are always quick to create new trends or follow ones that are popular, so they tend to have some really great items all year round. You could keep this bodysuit looking simple or it could easily be dressed up, the options are almost endless!

2. MissPap - Black Velvet Rucksack - £20
As soon as I found this beauty on the MissPap website I knew I needed it as soon as possible, it's so cute! This backpack can make any outfit look chic, yet super adorable and it's available in several different colours at a great price!

3. Topshop - Harry velvet ankle boots - £65
Although you can find this style of boot literally anywhere at the moment (Public Desire have an amazing variety) I thought these ones from Topshop were gorgeous. This style can give character to any basic outfit and also make you look pretty sassy, I need these in every colour like right now.

This kimono is probably way out of the average person's budget, but i'm obsessed! 

5. Boohoo - Velvet halter plunge jumpsuit - £22
Boohoo is a great place to find trending pieces of clothing and accessories at a cheaper price, I could literally spend hours scrolling through their website! This jumpsuit is also available in black, but I would recommend purchasing it in turmeric if you are looking to keep your wardrobe more colourful throughout autumn and winter.   

Are you a fan of the velvet trend?

Saturday, 8 October 2016


Now that Autumn is in full swing, it's time to bring out the fluffy socks, the many cups of coffee and the best one of them all - candles! I am absolutely obsessed with candles at this time of year, they make any house seem cosy and automatically make me feel just that little bit more happier. I'm not one for overly sweet strawberry type scents when it comes to lighting a candle, but more of the vanilla / lightly spiced warming ones. Now, if you're a Disney lover then you most definitley need to read on..

A few months ago I discovered a brand on etsy called Maple and Whisky who create soy candles based on certain things around the Disney World parks, but made here in the UK! If you're a fan of pineapple whip, mickey waffles, popcorn or even the scent of some of the hotels like the Polynesian, the Grand Floridian or Wilderness Lodge, then you will find the perfect candle for you over on their Etsy page. There was way too many candles to choose from since they all sound so beautiful, but in the end I opted for "Main Street Bakery" as the name alone reminds me of the magic kingdom the most. I got the small candle as I wasn't sure if I would like it or not since I had never ordered from their page before. All of the candles are also available in a large jar for £10.50 or the small is £7.50 which is pretty reasonable since it's around the same price range as a yankee candle.

Like any delivery, I was super excited to receive this in the post! Although delivery takes 2 -3 weeks since the candles are all homemade, I wasn't too fussed about the wait and was certainly not disappointed with it when it finally arrived! The candle smelt just like the description said it would, like cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven with notes of chocolate chip cookies, could that sound any more perfect? This scent is perfect if you are snuggled up with a blanket watching your favourite movies on a cold day.

I want to collect all of these candles now that I am in love with this one, "campfire sing along" "pumpkin spice latte" and "arendelle" are at the top of my list to purchase next! I'm also really intrigued by their diffusers and room sprays to give more Disney magic to my home.

Have you tried Maple and Whisky candles?

Saturday, 1 October 2016


As a huge lover of Disney, I'm honestly surprised that I haven't written a Disney based post in the two years that I've been blogging, so hey guess what? here it is. You probably clicked on this post because you are also a Disney lover so we may as well just embrace the love together. I'm sure a lot of people can relate, but Disney has been a major part of my life ever since I can remember so it's really special to me and always will be! Anyway.. even though the list of favourites could go on forever, I had to narrow it down to just a few, so here are my absolute favourite Disney movies that you need to see if you haven't already.

The Princess And The Frog -
Probably one of the most underrated Disney movies which I find so annoying since it's incredible. The movie is based on the classic tale The Frog Prince, but with a modern twist. Tiana is transformed into a frog along with Prince Naveen and on their journey to break the spell they meet Louis the alligator who longs to be a human and Ray the firefly. The movie is based in New Orleans with feel good music and humour. I would recommend this movie to anyone, I love it!

The Little Mermaid - 
One of the best Disney classics ever! I have adored The Little Mermaid since I was little and it will forever be one of my top favourites, it's just so magical. The story is based on a mermaid (duh) named Ariel who wishes she could be apart of the human world, so after making a deal with the evil sea witch, Ursula, she heads on an adventure of a lifetime with Flounder and Sebastian at her side. Also the songs in this film are everything!

Mulan -
This has to be the most inspirational movie that Disney have ever made and I'm sure many others would agree. The story celebrates courage, honour and Mulan staying true to her own heart as she disguises herself as a man and takes her father's place in the Imperial Army to defeat the Huns to protect the whole of China.

Pocahontas - 
This tale is about a free-spirited princess named Pocahontas who seeks peace between the English soldiers and her people after falling in love with John Smith. The songs in this movie are really powerful and it's one that I could watch over and over again without getting bored.

The Lion King -
I feel like literally everyone has seen this one, and if you haven't have you been living under a rock? This is my all time favourite Disney movie above everything else! I get so many mixed emotions every time I watch it and the songs make me cry they're so beautiful. The story is based on Simba, a young cub who can't wait to be king and follows his journey in the circle of life.

The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride - 
This is without a doubt my favourite Disney sequel and I can easily say I love it just as much as the first one. It's all about Simba's daughter, Kiara, who seeks adventure without being followed and meets Kovu who is part of Scar's pride. The two of them try to bring peace between the two lands.

what's your favourite Disney movie?

Sunday, 25 September 2016




Although no longer seeing delicate summer florals everywhere in the shops saddens me, the thought of bringing out the burgundy and plum shades does bring just a little bit of excitement, as I said, just a little of course I resorted to blogging about my favourite autumn pieces I found on Asos earlier today and over the past few weeks!

Skirts are most definitely an autumn essential and this one from Monki is right at the top of my wishlist. The amount of detail is only small, but it's easy enough to fall in love with and although probably not the best to wear on a rainy day in England as it's suede. this skirt would still be perfect to wear on a lovely crisp day. 

Velvet has made a comeback and is better than ever. It's not hard to tell that is one of the biggest trends right now as fashion week has said it all. I feel like velvet is a very love or hate material and as you can tell, i'm one of the many that love it. This bodysuit is the perfect autumn / winter piece to add to anyone's wardrobe!

Knit dresses are the most perfect things to wear with ankle boots / knee high boots, well any boots, you get the point. They'd even go with the cute booties that will be listed shortly! one autumn outfit sorted, you're welcome ;)  

Although this top is a bit pricey, it can be worn at literally any point throughout the year, not just autumn! so go ahead and treat yo self. I'm a sucker for lace, so this top is EVERYTHING. 

Okay let's be real, when do public desire shoes ever disappoint? that's right, the answer is never. I seem to be seeing these shoes all over the place recently. and I am loving them! Can I have these in every colour please?

I absolutely adore bohemian style, so when I saw this I had to add it to my wishlist. This dress could easily be worn in the summer as well as Autumn as it's floral, but also gives itself an autumn vibe with the burgundy colour. 

Monday, 19 September 2016


Now that a new season has arrived it's time to start new trends and write new blog posts to get us through these colder months. I still can't face the fact that summer is over, but the thought of cuddling up with a blanket with the fire going, drinking hot chocolate and watching episodes of full house in the evening does sound pleasing.

I tend to have writers block pretty often so I thought i'd give us all a few autumnal blog post ideas to keep our lack of inspiration at bay and get our blogging game on.

Fashion -

1.The perfect coat wishlist
2. A/W trends you love
3. A/W trends you dislike
4. How to style a certain item
5. Your favourite winter shoes
6. Your payday wishlist
7. Pinterest style inspiration
8. Your favourite knitwear
9. Brand focus e.g. your favourite items from h&m
10. The best basics for Autumn
11. Halloween costume ideas
12. High end / high street fashion wishlist
13. Current sales and offers
14. Your favourite minimal accessories
15. Clothing brands that deserve more recognition
16. Your favourite celebrity styles
17. Fashion week favourites

Beauty  -

1. Everyday Autumn makeup
2. Updated skincare routine
3. Autumn beauty haul
4. Must have gold eyeshadows
5. How to get the perfect glow
6. DIY face masks
7. Best of berry lipsticks
8. Halloween makeup routine
9. Halloween makeup look under £10
10. Best of blushers
11. Smokey eye makeup look
12. How to wear burgundy eyeshadow
13. Drugstore autumn makeup
14. A/W beauty trends you love / hate
15. High end makeup wishlist
16. The best makeup dupes
17. Your five product face
18. List of products you will always repurchase
19. Product empties
20. Celebrity inspired makeup
21. Upcoming beauty trends
22. Beauty brands you want to try
23. An entire brand makeup look e.g Benefit
24. Interesting makeup storage ideas
25. Tackling a makeup trend e.g strobing
26. Your "no makeup" makeup
27. Tips to make your makeup last longer
28. How to clean your makeup brushes
29. An insight into makeup expiry dates
30. Your go to skincare products for breakouts
31. Whats in your makeup bag: autumn edition
32. A lush haul
33. Your pamper routine for a cosy night in
34. Get ready with me for occasions e.g. lazy day, brunch, party etc..
35. How to build the perfect eye palette

Lifestyle -

1. Instagram roundup
2. Top 10 places you want to visit
3. Your favourite things about Autumn
4. What you don't like about Autumn
5. Autumn playlist
6. How to stay motivated during the colder months
7. Workout routine for winter
8. Your current favourite apps
9. Autumnal photo props / background ideas
10. Must watch movies on netflix
11. The best netflix originals
12. What to do on a rainy day
13. Your favourite candles (candle haul maybe??)
14. Healthy snack ideas to stop comfort eating in winter
15. Books to read this autumn
16. A weekend / travel photo diary
17. A warming recipe if you feel like baking
18. Goals you hope to achieve by the end of Autumn
19. How you got into blogging
20. Your favourite bloggers
21. Autumn mood board
22. Five things your readers don't know about you
23. Essential blogging equipment e.g notebook, camera
24. Advice you would give to new bloggers
25. Autumn morning routine
26. What you eat in a day
27. Random favourites
28. Not so spooky halloween movies

I hope these helped you feel inspired, now go get writing!

Shannon x

Saturday, 10 September 2016


The Kate Spade show looked gorgeous held on the rooftop of the NoMad hotel, one of the city's most well-known hotels. The moroccan themed display was theatrical with belly dancers and waiters serving tea, but obviously it was the clothes that made the show truly special. Each piece contained a lot of detail, giving off a bohemian vibe with the colourful patterns, and all of the accessories were detailed to perfection, including the bags and shoes of course.

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Spade

I loved the entire collection, but my two favourites had to be the white peasant top dress with black embroidered flowers and the blue and white diamond pattern mini dress with tassels. This collection was so dreamy, don't you think? Leave a comment and tell me which look was your favourite!

Friday, 9 September 2016


I've never been someone to keep repurchasing the same skincare products so finding new brands and new products to experiment with is always fun. When I found out about Weleda skincare, I instantly knew I wanted to try something from their range as I had heard only good things about their "skin food" mainly from instagram and other blog posts. Skin food seems to be their best selling product so of course I was keen to try it as soon as possible.

When I recieved Skin Food in the post, I certainly wasn't disappointed. The packaging was simple, but cute with the green relating back to nature which is what the brand is all about since they started back in 1926. All of their products contain natural, raw ingredients to keep your skin as healthy as possible, It's pretty amazing really.

I applied this product to my face the morning after I had received it and my skin felt hydrated throughout the entire day without having to apply it several times as instructed. The only downfall for this product is that it can feel quite heavy as soon as it is applied which isn't something we all want if being applied in the morning, so I would advise not to apply this if you're planning on doing your makeup shortly afterwards. If you don't feel like applying the moisturiser on your face it still does wonders on places like your hands, elbows and feet. Literally anywhere that your skin isn't feeling soft and hydrated. 

I did notice a natural glow to my face within a couple of days of using this moisturizer which I don't find very often when using others from different highstreet brands, so Weleda definitley score points for that one. If you're looking for new skincare products to try out, I would instantly recommend Weleda as their products are pretty special and won't disappoint. Everything that the brand states that this product can do is 100% true and is also super affordable. 

You can find Skin Food here for just £9.95.

Have you tried Weleda products?

shannon x